Quilts for the Lismore Flood Victims
A request for Quilts for Lismore South Primary School was advertised on the Hobby Sew website and our Club along with friends, the Illawarra Quilters plus another local quilting group donated 60 quilts of varying sizes.
Jean and Kay journeyed to Coffs Harbour where the quilts with various other items including toiletry bags, clothing, sewing goods were offloaded to Pam & Judith who are co-ordinating a large donation of goods to the Hope Centre established at Lismore to assist with mental health.  In addition they are organising the donation of 150 quilts to the Lismore South Primary School students and families. 
A big thank you to all who took part in this and a special thank you to Jackie for the loan of her Tarago which enabled them to travel together with the car filled to capacity.